When you drive your car for a certain number of miles it requires the wheel alignment to be checked. The wheel alignment is important for the safety of the car. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about wheel alignment.

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Every car requires the alignment to be checked, however, the specifics of the alignment vary. The car manufacturers each have a pre-set angle that the tires should be aligned. These angles are used to improve the performance of the vehicle.

The camber of wheel alignments is one of three different tilts that you will see. The camber is the tilt of the tires from side to side. If a vehicle has negative camber angles, the tires are going to be tilted inwards, towards the car.

Another aspect of alignment is the caster angle. This is the angle that the steering access connects to the wheel. The toe is the final part of the alignment. If the wheels are toe-in this means that they are tilted in facing more closely together.

Overall, wheel alignment is important for every car. If you are unsure of when you should get your wheels aligned, you can simply check the car manual or go to a mechanic.


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