Ez go golf cart dealers

The history behind a given item or form of technology is a fascinating journey of cultural changes, technological advancement and evolving social needs. Golf carts, also known as EZ go golf carts, are no different. Going from simple forms of general transportation to a staple for golf and vacation industries, these vehicles have gone through almost as many changes as the countries they were developed in! If you’re looking into pre-owned golf carts for your field or are considering giving them a try next time you hit up the beach, read below to learn about refurbished golf carts and why they’ve become a favorite with the masses.

What’s The History Of Golf Carts?

Golf carts have been around since the 1930’s, but were not considered a staple of mainstream culture until a few decades later. Originally used for people with physical disabilities, they soon expanded to include multiple avenues and careers. Williams is credited with creating the standard electric golf cart and future car industry titans eventually adopted the technology and added it to their repertoire. Gasoline powered golf carts didn’t crop up until later, though the electrically powered still enjoy popularity for their green touch.

What Are Golf Carts Used For?

As stated above, they’re not just used for golf! While certainly a staple of any and all golf fields, they can be used for a variety of mundane day-to-day situations. The Villages in Florida is a retirement community of over 70,000 people and has one of the most extensive golf courses in the country. Due to this popularity, laws have expanded to accommodate golf carts on many of the nearby streets. Golf cart prices can range anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 depending on the model, previous usage and manufacturer.

What Sizes Do Golf Carts Come In?

One of the best things about golf carts are their versatility. The average golf cart is four feet by eight feet by six feet, able tor each top speeds of 15 to 25 miles per hour. They can carry anywhere from two to 10 passengers at a time, which is a pretty good variable for any lifestyle or basic need. They can even be modified after being bought by the original manufacturer, but remember that you still need to comply with local laws. Golf cart cargo box capacity can average nearly 400 pounds, but this varies by the model and should still be double-checked to avoid any accidents or upheavals.

What Should I Know Before Buying?

It’s important to comply with local laws so you don’t end up accruing fees when you visit a golf carts dealership. The minimum age to drive, for example, changes depending on the state — Georgia, California and Florida require you be at least 13, while other states raise the bar to 14 or 15. The life of a single golf cart battery can last for two or three days, which is less time than the average tank of gasoline. It’s greener, too! Now how about choosing the one that suits your lifestyle best?

Which One Is Right For Me?

Finding the carts to supplement your area of expertise is as easy as pinpointing what you need them for. Are you transporting multiple people throughout the day or do you just need to move some equipment from point A to point B? Will you use it frequently or seasonally? Used golf carts are just as capable as their brand new counterparts and can see you saving money, to boot, so consider asking golf carts dealers about their recommendation for updated models. Golf carts are more than just a luxury — they’re a fantastic addition to any career field or lifestyle.

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