Affordable used trucks

When you are in the market for a new car, there are so many things to think about before you finally settle on the perfect option. It is always nice to be able to show up places in a flashy new ride, but sometimes it is more worth it to visit a previously used car dealership to see what might catch your eye for a better price. There are plenty of reliable used cars, and when those are also affordable used cars, it might just make the most sense to give up on the idea of a brand new vehicle right off the lot.

Why going to a previously used car dealership is a better deal
Yes, those brand new cars are shiny and beautiful and the feeling of being the only person to have owned it can be a pretty nice feeling. But many pre-owned cars are in near-perfect condition, or almost as new as those with significantly higher price tags. Just because a car is used does not mean that it is a beater that might break down on you at any moment. A car could have been owned for a single day and because of that has a much more affordable price. A brand new car will usually depreciate about 20% just from being driven off of the dealership lot, and a lot of cars can drop another 10% in value just in the first year alone. So a car could be just one year old and already have lost 30% of the value originally listed on that first price tag. Finding that used car at a previously used car dealership could make your day.

Make sure you are shopping smart when looking for a car
There are some people who just want to buy a brand new car. But if you are looking for something reliable, something in a lower price range, and you don’t have a long list of necessities to check off for what you prefer in your new vehicle, shopping at a used car lot becomes the logical choice. And you might just end up with something that fits you even better than the car you originally had in mind. There are many cars that are only three or four years old that could cost less than half of the price of a brand new car, and are even larger and have more features or better features than a brand new car that only has the basics.

The many financial benefits of shopping used instead of new

If you are interested in the long term benefits, which many people are, as there are very few people who can afford to buy multiple vehicles, particularly over relatively short spans of time, consider the financial impact a used car would have, in opposition to driving a brand new car off of the lot. There is of course, the previously stated dip in value of the car just because it has been used at all. Research has shown that keeping a single vehicle for about 200,000 miles, which works out to take around 15 years for most drivers, could result in a total savings of $30,000, or even more than that.

Know what you need in your new vehicle, but also be open to the good deals that you might find at the used car lot.

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