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Invented in 1921 by a former Royal Navy Commander named Lumley Robinson, the hose clamp is one of the most innovative tools in the handyman’s arsenal. Modern stainless steel hose clamps are typically used to secure hoses in automotive systems and to clamp lines in household plumbing systems. With a wide array of materials and sizes available, adjustable hose clamps have a nearly limitless number of options to suite hoses of any size. Here are three ways that modern stainless steel hose clamps remain a staple among assembly and repair tools.
stainless steel hose clamps

A Watertight Seal

The adjustable nature of stainless steel hose clamps ensures a tight seal every time. Hose clamps are designed to provide an equal amount of pressure on every side without any gaps. This of course suggests that the barb or area where the hose clamp is applies has no nicks, scratches, or contamination to compromise the seal. With so many different sized hose clamps available, it is paramount that the right size and type of hose clamp is used for a job — this in turn can prevent the leakage of gas, liquid, or other substances along an unsecured line.

Quick Fixes

Stainless steel clamps are used by professionals from a number of fields including automotive, aircraft, engineering, design, plumbing, contracting, and more. The main reason why hose clamps are used is due to their ease of use: they are typically used in heavy duty zip tie applications or as a replacement for duct tape. The ease at which a hose clamp can be applied to create a tight, reliable seal is why they are used so frequently. The customizability one can enjoy from hose clamp designs offer unique and innovative solutions such as worm drive hose clamps that can be daisy chained to make a longer clamp if one does not have the required length of clamp already. Whether acting as a quick fix to hold before a replacement comes, or as a permanent fix guaranteed to hold, we can all agree that hose clamps are some of the most useful ways to fix something.

Secure Protection

The versatility and stainless steel design make hose clamps a surprisingly durable and adaptable tool for any use. Although they are quick to be applied, a hose clamp is guaranteed to hold its seal under stress — this is why they are widely used to temporarily fix damaged pipes quickly in emergency situations. Hose clamps are frequently used to help moderate pressures in automotive and home applications — ensuring that the hold stays and the pressure remains untampered with is critical to the safety of passengers and residents. No matter what the application, hose clamps have helped keep us safe for nearly a century now.

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