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Activities of those in four season states may vary drastically, depending on the current season. Summer may include water sports and camping trips, whereas winter is filled with sledding and snowboarding, or cozy night by the fireplace. These activities require different accessories, sometimes different modes of transportation. The storage of these season specific items can be difficult. However, proper storage is necessary to prevent rusting and damage to them. Proper storage consists of a variety of steps.

Winter coating
If your RV, boat, or vehicle will be stored outdoors or in any type of cold environment, it is important to coat it with a water and winter protectant. This prevents water and ice from sticking to it, which ultimately leads to rusting. Rusting can quickly reduce the value and efficiency of the vehicle. Winter coating can be performed by the owner, prior to winter weather hitting or you can have it professionally sealed at a boat or RV storage facility.

Thorough cleaning
It is always best to thoroughly clean out your RV or car before storing it for the winter. This prepares it for quick use when spring comes back around. It can also prevent foul smells or things like mold growing from spoiled foods or substances. Most self storage units do not allow any food or other perishable items to be stored inside the car, boat, or RV storage area, so ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned.

Proper cleaning can also ensure that you have everything you need for the winter months. Many people may store items like tools or safety items in their boats or RV. If you find that you need those items during the winter months, it will be very difficult to access. Your boat or RV may be tightly packed into an RV storage center, with little accessibility. It is even possible that your winter car storage place will charge you for the inconvenience of moving around multiple vehicles to access it. If accessibility is important to you, find a place that allows regular and convenient access.

Safe storage
Finding a space that is safe and convenient is often the biggest struggle with storing RVS or for collector car storage. RV centers charge monthly, but you are guaranteed to have a safe RV storage space. It also frees up necessary space on your land. Recreational vehicles can often take up a lot of space, and require a lot of maintenance when left outdoors. Storing them in a secure unit will help you avoid damage due to weather.

Indoor RV storage units will cost the most, but will offer the best and safest storage facility. High quality storage units are a great place to store boats during the off season, or when effects of the weather may damage the boat. These high quality indoor storage areas may be necessary in states for additional weather concerns, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.

Clean storage
In addition to the inside of your recreational vehicle being clean, it is also important that the facility you store it in is also thoroughly clean. A RV storage center that is dirty and poorly temperature controlled could also damage your stored item. Professional storage units should be clean, secure, and offer access to their units 7 days a week for customer convenient. It may be a good idea to visit your storage facility of choice before dropping off your vehicle. Inspect the condition of the other vehicles and request the exact location of where your RV or boat will be stored.

There are many states across the country that experience all four seasons significantly. This can provide for beautiful weather and exciting activities all year long. However as the seasons change, storage is needed for recreational vehicles that can no longer be used that year. Carefully inspect your storage facility before agreeing to store your vehicle there. Thoroughly clean your vehicle before storage and ensure that it is temperature coated and protected. These steps will extend the value of your recreational vehicle and will ensure that it is ready for use when the spring or summer season comes back around.

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