Auto transport companies

My husband is in love with his car. He named her. And I think late at night he sneaks out of bed and rubs her with a diaper. When we moved across country a few months ago I was looking forward to driving across the country. My husband did not like the idea. Several conversations later, I agreed to get some quotes from a handful of auto transport companies. Auto shippers were priced all over the place. Their reviews were all over the place as well. I picked the car shipper that seemed reliable and affordable and I proudly presented my car shipping plan to my man.

Apparently, we needed to find yet another car shipper. The car shipper I selected only had open containers. I did not know the difference between car shippers with open carriers versus enclosed. Common sense kicked in once I heard the vocabulary, but an enclosed container is not something we had discussed. But, we have to protect the precious paint on his Baby. And pay a lot more for it. I made arrangements with a reputable car shipper with an enclosed container. My man was happy and life moved on.

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