If you manufacture your own metal parts, you know how difficult it can be to finish them. Many metal parts need to be completely deburred and smoothed over before they can be used. One tool that can be perfect for this application is a flex hone.

A flex hone is a tool that fits into a drill or other spinning device, such as a lathe.

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As its name suggests, it is relatively flexible, and using it is easy. First, make sure you have the correct size of flex hone. It should seem slightly oversized for its application since it will bend and flex as it works. Before you begin to use it, you should also properly lubricate it to ensure it glides smoothly against the metal it hones. This can be done using mineral oil, motor oil, or the proprietary flex hone oil you can purchase from the manufacturer.

Using the flex hone is as easy as turning the drill or lathe and inserting the flex hone into a metal pipe you wish to deburr. Make sure you don’t spin the flex hone too quickly. Try starting with a spindle speed between 500 and 800 rotations per minute for the best results. Never turn the flex hone faster than 1200 rotations per minute.


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