This video talks about dent repair, and it gives a thorough explanation of the concept of metal straightening. The video is primarily for new technicians who might get hit with a complex dent repair project as soon as they begin their jobs as techs. It will help such people to understand how to do those repairs successfully with confidence.

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By the end of the video, the technicians will know what the direct damage is, what the indirect damage is, what to pull first, and how to get the metal as clean as possible for the new customers.

The first topic the video talks about is how thin metal is in some of the newer videos. The metal seems to continually get thinner as manufacturers make new provisions for gas mileage and such. Because of the thin metal, more vehicle owners have to go to body shops to have dents removed. With these new types of metals, the old way of fixing dents is no longer effective. Traditional hammers and files and picks can’t work because there isn’t enough metal to allow the use of those tools. Newer cars require different tools, and the video speaker discusses those in the video.

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