Golf carts offer a lot of conveniences that aren’t just limited to the fairway and golf course. Many people now use golf carts to get around their properties, subdivisions, and campuses. You can ensure longer rides and more reliability by performing proper golf cart maintenance.

First, it’s smart to read through the owner’s manual. The right steps now could prevent problems later.

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When starting up your golf cart, you’ll want to test out the brakes and basic steering. Just make sure you test out the cart in an area that offers plenty of space. Tap on the accelerator, then tap on the brakes. Once you know the brakes work, you can test out the steering and everything else.

It’s also smart to test out the parking brake. Many people forget to keep an eye on the parking brake and then find that it doesn’t work. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the battery. However, remember that batteries often contain harmful chemicals, like acid. It’s smart to wear gloves when working with the battery or anything that connects directly to the battery. If you believe there’s a problem with the battery, it’s wise to consult an expert rather than trying to solve things on your own and triggering a reaction.


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