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Florida ranks third highest nationally in medical and work loss costs associated with car accidents. A European collision center Miami will be able to assist motorists who have experienced an auto collision. The automobile has a long and strange past, and the need for auto body shops in miami has been around since the turn of the century.

One of this first self powered vehicles was constructed in 1789. It weighed over 8000 pounds and was used to haul cannons. If this beast of a machine was damaged, it could have been repaired at a body shop Miami.

Automotive vehicles became more prevalent in the late 1800s. In 1899, a New York City cab was ticketed for going 12 miles per hour in a car. While that speed would barely register on modern cars, in the horse and buggy days that was fast.

It was not until Henry Fords assembly line that cars became an affordable method of transportation. By 1916 over half of the worlds cars were Model Ts. Since there have been cars, there have been accidents and a need for body shops Miami.

If you car has been in an accident, a Doral collision center can help you out. If you car horn has gone flat or you need a ding in your door banged out a European collision center Miami will assist car owners in fixing their damaged vehicles. European collision center Miami fix and maintain cars like Volvo and Volkswagen.

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