Auto wiring diagrams

Car stereo intallation can look like a daunting task to anyone who just wants to switch out their set up for something sweeter, and it can be if you don’t know what you are doing. Sure there are auto wiring diagrams online, and probably YouTube videos and things to instruct you on the best methods, but what are the odds that one of them is going to teach you exactly how to install a car radio in the car that you have after telling you how to remove a car stereo from the car that you own. Even further than that, what if the stereo installation is different for your model because you bought a different stereo than what is in the video?

The first thing you wnat to look up is a car stereo fit guide, because that’ll tell you what size stereo you are going to need to put in. Any aftermarket radio install is going to be tricky, because any warranty on your vehicle or anything won’t cover if something goes badly when you are trying to DIY mobile audio, so doing it yourself, especially if you have no previous wiring experience, is not advised.

But, if you really want to get on with your stereo installation, the next step is of course to purchase the new stereo to the size specifications, with whatever new bells and whistles you are looking for. CD players for cars are actually becoming less and less popular becuase of the auxillary ability to hook up your personal music device, like your iPod, MP3 player, or cell phone to your stereo system, but you can still get them if you want. There are also services like Sirius radio that you pay for so that you have a minimal amount of commercials interrupiting your listening experience.

Either way, at this point you are really going to want to have a body shop or something install your new car stereo, unless by some chance you find a video online that concerns your car make, model, and year, and then you went out and purchased the exact same new stereo that the video is installing. Otherwise, DIY stereo installation really isn’t a good idea. Seriously. Leave it to the pros.

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