This video from a truck repair expert outlines the five most common reasons a truck will break down. The video goes through each common risk factor and how to avoid those risks. Unexpected breakdowns are costly in more ways than one.

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As a truck driver everything is about scheduling. One bad move and your schedule is knocked off track which means deliveries do not get made in time. Being stuck on the side of the road when you are on your way to pick up a load or deliver one, is simply not an option. Avoiding breakdowns by knowing what causes the most common breakdowns and avoiding those things, is an easy solution for staying on schedule.

Time on the road is money. Avoiding unexpected breakdowns is just a better way to do business. This video will outline the most common reasons a truck will break down and tell you how to properly maintain your truck to avoid those common problems.

Watch this video to learn how to avoid some of the most common breakdown reasons. This truck repair expert shares his years of experience with the viewer and provides easy to apply tips to keep your truck on the road where it belongs.


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