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If you are looking for a car, new or used, there are ways you can make going to the car dealership more fun and less painful. About 84% of people who buy a car prefer to do it in person so there has to be something good about going to the car dealership. Here are some tips to make buying that Cadillac easier and less stressful.

6 Tips for Shopping for a Car:

Decide what your budget is. Go through your finances and see what you can afford to spend on a car. You may want to run a credit check on yourself to see what the lending institution will see about your credit when you go for financing. Remember, the car price is just one part of how much the car will actually cost you. You need to also factor in registering the car and insuring it.

Think about how you will finance the car purchase. You want a Cadillac but how are you going to afford it? Talk to the bank you use for your personal banking. If you own your own home, talk to your mortgage provider. Go to the financial institutions who know you first. Yes, most car dealerships have financing you can get from them but you will put yourself in a better position if you have already secured financing somewhere else.

Talk to the people you know about where they bought their cars. You probably know people who have bought a new or used car in your area, Where did they go? Did they like the service? Look online for reviews of car dealers in your city. Check out Yelp! and Facebook. Do some research on local car sales places before you head out to the lots yourself. Any time you spend before you go you will save at the car dealership.

The car salesperson is not sleazy. Many people have the idea that car salespeople are like vultures. They think the car dealer is someone who will attack the unsuspecting car buyer and not let them leave the lot unless they have bought a car whether they like or need it. This is simply not true. The car salesperson wants you to leave the lot happy with your purchase, if you made one. They also want you to recommend them to your friends and family. One rule when shopping for a new or used car is to try to not fear or hate the car salesperson.

Do some research. You know, for example, that you want a Cadillac but what model? Look into what kinds of car you want to drive. If you go to the dealership having done some research into your different options, you will be in a much better position to find what you really want. When you are researching the different cars, think about how much driving you do and what kind of driving it is. That will help you narrow down your search.

Test drive a few cars. Even if you did all the research possible and think you know what kind of Cadillac you really want to buy, take the dealer up on the offer to test drive a few cars. Cars feel a lot different when you are sitting behind the wheel rather than just looking at their information and stats online or in a book. Get a feel for how they handle and what the brakes are like. You may find you got to the car dealer wanting one kind of car but after you drive a Cadillac, you decide you like a different model a lot more. Be open to changing your mind.

Buying a new or used Cadillac shouuld not be painful, it should be fun. Since 1902, the Cadillac has been the most popular luxury car made. In 2014, more than 263,000 were sold around the world so you are not the only person who likes them. While many people see shopping for a Cadillac or other car as being a stressful experience, it does not have to be. Do some research and have fun looking and test driving different models. You will get the car you want and have fun at the same time.

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