Most people don’t know the importance of electronic trailer brake controllers because towing used to be a basic and uncomplicated process. You can install a hitch and a trailer wiring system and hook everything up to finish. You’ll need to treat your back pain once you have completed all the involved tasks.

However, most trailers are pre-wired with a seven-pin connection nowadays. They can service extra circuits like reverse lights or electric trailer brakes. But if your vehicle comes with a factory-installed trailer towing system, you’ll find that both seven and four-pin installations are now becoming increasingly common.

But with a seven-pin connection, you can only get the full benefit of the braking system if you mount a brake controller on the dash. You can match the braking capability to the carried load by using the controller to manage the amount of braking force applied. And with recent technological advancements in the auto industry, these controllers have improved significantly, with various models offering numerous functional features.

Watch this demonstrative video by Patriot Games, where you’ll discover the best electronic trailer brake controllers today. In this episode of Loading Up, you’ll learn which brand and model Justin uses for all his vehicles in Patriot Games. You’ll also find out about towing safety facts that can help you if you’re planning to go offroad while towing something in your vehicle.

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