Though we hope that a car accident, especially a major one, will never happen to us, there are at least six billion motor vehicle accidents that occur every single year in the United States alone. This means that, unfortunately, some type of car accident is likely to happen to us at some point in our lives. In the event of a more serious car accident that renders your car temporarily or even permanently unusable, an automotive towing service may become necessary.

There are many reasons that a car accident or other type of motor vehicle accident may necessitate an automotive towing service, as there are many reasons that car and motor vehicle accidents occur in the first place. Once such reason involves the weather, as severe and inclement weather conditions can make driving much more dangerous by reducing overall visibility as well as making the road slick with rain or even with ice. In these kinds of driving conditions, a car or other type of motor vehicle accident is considerably more likely to occur and has led to more demand for automotive towing services than ever before in the United States, this rise in the need for automotive towing services seen particularly clearly in the past five years.

Full service towing is likely to become necessary in the event of a flat or punctured tire. Getting a flat or punctured tire is a very common occurrence in every part of the United States. In fact, it is so common that a person who drives for an average number of years is likely to get as many as five flat tires, if not even more than that. This frequency means that a new flat or punctured (or otherwise damaged) tire occurs once every seven seconds in the United States, leading to more than two hundred million flat tires just in the United States in the time span of one calendar year. Many people have been trained to change a flat tire on their own but for others and those who have not, roadside assistance in the form of an automotive towing service is likely to become necessary. Hauling services will also need to be contacted and utilized in the event that there is no spare tire to change out the flat or punctured one with, as driving any distance (but particularly long ones) on a flat tire is not recommended under any circumstances that it can be avoided in.

Automotive towing services can also be hugely helpful for truck and trailer repair. Unfortunately, trucks are often at more risk of getting into a considerably damaging motor vehicle accident than other types of motor vehicles, such as the much smaller cars. This can be mainly attributed to the sheer size of a standard truck, which can make maneuvering on the road more difficult. For just one example, a truck can take nearly forty percent longer to come to a complete stop or to make a complete turn than your average motor vehicle, making it more likely to get into an accident, as a truck and truck driver is not able to react as quickly to environmental and exterior hazards. Trucks can also do a considerable amount of damage themselves, especially to much smaller cars. Where your average car will weigh only around five thousand pounds, the typical truck will weigh as much as eighty thousand pounds easily. This means that the damage that trucks often do in the event of a motor vehicle accident will often need to be handled by a professional automotive towing service.

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