Parking is an element of everyday life few people look forward to.

Why would they? It involves constantly drifting around cramped downtown areas in the hopes of snagging that rare, coveted free spot. It causes people to use up an incredible amount of gas. It’s a huge drain on spare time, especially for parents, businessowners and workers. Custom parking tags are a perfect way of combining technology and demand, providing people a schedule they can count on and stimulating multiple areas of the economy.

The valet parket ticket printing system will finally take a bite out of all that work. Look below to learn more about how it works.

What does driving look like today? Just look at some recent statistics to learn about how frustrating the art of finding a parking space has become. A study on drivers in New York City found people will waste over $2,000 each year in both wasted time and fuel while searching for empty parking lots. Another study found the average driver spending over 100 hours every year looking for parking, where the national average is less than 20. Even drivers in Los Angeles generally don’t spend more than 80 or 85 hours, making this one area nobody can afford to overlook…literally.

Valet parking tickets are a beacon of hope in an increasingly frustrated country. Today the top five worst cities for parking in the United States are Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Seattle. Experts believe there are over 3,500 square miles of parking space in the country, which is larger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. Despite this impressive image, a 2017 report by INRIX found even people who drive sparingly can still spend 17 hours per year looking for parking. What can valet tickets do to finally change not just attitudes toward parking, but our view on the environment?

It’s no secret that traffic congestion also contributes to a more miserable environment. A study called ‘Cruising For Parking’ was published in the Access journal, with researchers studying a small business district in Los Angeles to better determine the effects of traffic congestion in the environment. In just one year drivers looking for parking created the equivalent of 40 trips around the world, burned 45,000 gallons of gas and produced over 700 tons of carbon dioxide. A single year can see traffic congestion in the country causing $80 billion in financial losses, to boot.

Valet parking ticket printing have been around for a few decades. The first recorded use of the term cropped up in 1959, evolving from the French phrase ‘valet de chambre’. Valet parking ticket printing has since seen consistent usage in all sorts of sectors, ranging from the hospitality industry to the medical field. While the answer may seem to be imposing more limits on drivers, that’s been found to be more harmful than beneficial. A 2016 study provided by the St. Petersburg city council found 2-hour parking limits in downtown areas just create more hardship for both employees and visitors.

The function of valet parking ticket printing services is to provide employees, employers and visitors with a much-needed way to save time and money. Implementing them at your business will do wonders for helping reduce frustration and traffic congestion alike. Valet parking at hospitals can range from zero to $8, with drivers generally tipping between $1 and $5 for their valet parking services. The average cost of hiring a valet parking specialist back in 2017 was $300 or so. Today over 145,000 parking lot attendants are employed part-time or full-time.

Cleaning up the environment, saving time and improving your customer service all in one go can seem like a tall order, but valet parking ticket printing services are more than equipped for the job.

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