Spray on bedliners

Trucks are among the most popular vehicles in the world — and with good reason. While a typical car really only has one use, a truck has a variety of different applications. A car can really only fit a certain amount of passengers and a few other items besides that before getting uncomfortable. A truck, on the other hand, has a divide between the space in which you drive and storage space, meaning that you can carry more and maintain your comfort in the cab. At the same time, a truck’s utilitarian nature means that it’s far better suited for things like pulling a trailer. Another great thing about trucks is that they tend to have a certain quality about them — something uniquely sturdy that appeals to both men and women alike. It’s true that trucks tend to be made for more rugged terrain, and for that matter last longer than alternatives. You simply don’t have to put as much maintenance into a truck. However, you do have to care for a truck’s bed and ensure that it both looks good and performs as it should. The best way to do this is through implementing a spray on bedliner. With the help of adds-ons like wire tape, spray bedliners can protect your truck’s bed and have it looking better than ever.

What Are Spray On Bedliners?

Spray on bedliners are certain types of truck bedliners that, rather than more old-fashioned types of removable truck bedliners, are sprayed on. Therefore, they have a smoother appearance. For that matter, they tend to be tougher and more permanent. In today’s world, spray on bedliners are far preferred over their alternatives. All in all, they come in two different material classes, with two different application methods. These include aromatic and aliphatic compounds, which can be applied through a low pressure process which is not heated, or a high pressure process which is. The spray bedliner process often involves the use of polyurethane. Polyurethane is typically sprayed from 1/16th to 1/4th inches. A thinner coating usually costs less, but can chip and crack. A coating too thick, however, can mangle and disfigure the appearance of your truck. So why is polyurethane sprayed? Well, it usually serves two purposes. It can add years of service to your truck’s bed by preventing scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination from deteriorating OEM paint. It can also create a roughed up surface that is anti-ski and anti-slip. But you can’t really finish the job of applying spray bedliner without wire tape.

Why Use Wire Tape?

Wire tape has an important function in process of applying spray on bedliner. Essentially, the function of this tape involves trimming through any strong coatings. It begins from the bottom and works its way up. It simplifies the process of applying a spray on bedliner in a big way, eliminating most of the room for error and making it easier for people to the job of application without ruining the appearance of their truck bed. When you don’t use wire tape, you can easily ruin the look of your truck. Often, this occurs through scratching the paint. Wire tape makes it nearly impossible to scratch paint when trying to achieve a clean edge. But let’s delve back into spray on bedliners.

Why Do We Use Spray On Bedliners?

The use of the materials that would someday make up spray on bedliners began decades ago. Originally, polyurethane was used back in World War II. It was first developed as a replacement for rubber. But by the mid-1950s, this material could be found not only in coatings and adhesives, but elastomers and rigid foams. Only by the late 1950s were comfortable cushioning flexible foams available. As people began to recognize the usefulness of this material, it became more commonly used. Now, we recognize that it’s pliable enough to cover truck beds, but at the same time hard enough to protect them. This makes it the perfect material for lining a bed.

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