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People in the United States love their trucks. It has been estimated that for every eight new vehicles that will be bought around the country, one will be a full sized pickup truck. There were 1.6 million pickup trucks bought around the nation in 2012. In August 2015, sales of this kind of vehicle went up by about 8%. The most popular kind of pickup trucks are Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Sales of these kinds of trucks accounts for more than 90% of American pickup trucks. If you have recently purchased a pickup truck, you need to decide on a way to protect it with one of the different kinds of truck bedliners.

4 Ways Your Truck and Items Are Protected by Using Truck Bedliners:

  1. They protect your truck bed from the elements. Unless you have a canopy that covers your truck bed, it can be exposed to the elements. With the exposure to the elements comes the risk of weather damage. Any water that is allowed to pool and sit in your truck bed can cause serious damage to the truck bed. Truck bedliners can prevent exposure to rain water. By keeping the actual metal on the truck bed dry, you prevent it from rusting or from incurring other damages that can shorten the lifespan of your truck
  2. Truck bedliners protect the items you haul. Many truck bedliners have skid protection on their surfaces. This prevents the items you are hauling from moving around in your truck bed. When these items slide around and hit the walls of the truck bed, you run the risk of them becoming damaged or broken. Truck bedliners can also reduce vibrations and absorb the shock when your items bounce off of the sides of your truck bed.
  3. You can protect the underlying surfaces on your truck. The cast of Mythbusters, a popular television show on the Discovery Channel looked at truck bedliners in 2011. They used the bedliners in several situations and found the spray on material was very effective at protecting underlying surfaces from scratches and dents. They found the bedliners were effective at protecting surfaces from high impacts, explosions at dog attacks. If you need to, you can use spray bedliner on a number of different surfaces such as fenders, floorboards and bumpers. Anyplace that you need the additional protection that is offered by spray on bedliners can be sprayed.
  4. They can protect your truck from chemicals. While not all chemicals are dangerous for the health of people and animals nor are they all caustic, many can be called one or the other. Truck bedliners are very effective at protecting trucks from damage from chemicals. If you find you have to haul any kinds of chemicals, you do not have to worry that the containers will open and damage your truck bed.

There are two kinds of truck bedliners that you can use. There are drop in bedliners or you can use the spray on variety of truck bedliner. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. People who like the drop in bedliners better, feel that way because these can be easily installed and removed as needed.

Other people prefer to use the spray on truck bedliners. The people who think they are better have several reasons for thet. Unlike the drop in truck bedliners, spray on bedliners conform perfectly to the shape of the truck bed. Because the spray on liner is applied directly to the metal of the truck bed, there is no way for water to get between the bedliner itself and the truck bed and that prevents any resulting rust and other damage. It is easy to apply these kinds of liners with a bedliner spray gun and wiretrim tape. This is also the kind of truck bedliner that can be applied to other surfaces as needed.

Whether you opt to use a spray on truck bedliner or a drop in bedliner, you will extend the lifespan of your truck. If you use your truck to haul items for your business or your personal use, these items will be protected when they are transported in a truck bed that has a liner.


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