Many people spend an enormous amount of time in their cars. They not only drive to work, they also drive to and from their children’s practices and travel to evening events. With all of this time in the car, it should come as no surprise that many people also eat a number of meals in their car. And while it may be fairly easy to clean up a kitchen and a dining room after a family has shared a meal, a car is a totally different story. Spills seep into the seats and dropped food create stains on the car carpet.

Auto carpets that are not covered in floor mats can quickly become so soiled that they are breeding grounds for germs. Sometimes carpets in cars become so dirty and full of stains that many people make the decision to replace the original carpet, especially in a used vehicle. By investing in a top brand like a Truvette car carpet for your classic car, you are really investing in the value of your vehicle.

Truvette Car Carpet Replacement Projects Add to the Value of Your Classic Car

Restoration carpet products are a great way to improve your car, whether it is a family van or a classic vehicle that is worth thousands. In addition to improving the value of your car, however, replacing the carpet also makes it a healthier environment. Once a new carpet has been installed, it is important to invest in a floor mats that can help you protect the new investment. Consider these facts and figures about the custom floor mat industry and the impact that these and the other products that are available to help you update the car that you drive:

  • If it is not cleaned on a regular basis, the environment inside a car might be two to 10 times more polluted than breezes across the freeway.
  • 95% of respondents are concerned about air pollutants within their vehicle, according to a survey conducted by The Dohring Company.
  • With a median of 60 minutes, Americans say they spend an average of 87 minutes a day in their cars .
  • Having 17,000 times more bacteria, a car is consistently dirtier than a home, according to a study done by GAP Enviromicrobial Services.
  • A trunk, where you normally place all your groceries, contains about 850 bacteria, according o a study from the Aston University in Birmingham.
  • By the year 1990, car manufacturers began to install mass backing as the standard backing on all carpets.

If you are one of those people who spends more time in your car than in your home, it is important to make sure that you keep a safe and clean space for the time that you spend there. From specific Truvette car carpets for classic cars that are being restored to rubber mats that are used to protect new car carpets, it is important to make sure that you invest in the keeping your car as clean as possible.

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