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No matter where you are in the country, August is the last month of summer before the hectic school schedule begins again. While many school districts in the midwest are starting by the beginning of the month, other schools will kick into action after Labor Day. No matter when your family returns to the structured schedule of the school year, it is possible that you are finding yourself looking for one last opportunity for a family vacation. Whether it is a quick weekend away or one more full blown week long vacation to a dream destination, many families take their trips in a recreational vehicle (RV) that allows them to control their costs and their schedule.
As with any family vacation, in the summer or during the holidays, fun is the goal. The concern for safety while RV traveling, however, is a major concern and goal. Safety features like electronic trailer sway control and electronic trailer brake controllers can help ensure that a family gets where they are going in the safest manner.
Electronic Trailer Sway Control
Available in basically two categories, electronic trailer sway control devices eliminate some of the trickier parts of pulling an RV trailer. Available in a variety of price ranges, the first kind of sway control hitch works to reduce say once it has started. The second kind of electronic trailer sway control attempts to eliminate sway altogether.
The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) estimates that are as many as 30 million RV users nationwide. This number represents not only the majority who own their RV, but also those who rents RVs. RV enthusiasts, whether they rent or own, are concerned about safety and an electronic trailer sway control mechanism can limit potential problems.
Electronic Brake Controllers
Trailer brake wiring systems are obviously important to the RV travel industry and its users. Trailer brake sytems allow the driver more control over the recreational vehicle. For example, two-point systems can be used with trailers that use surge, also known as hydraulic, brakes. In addition to installing these control systems it is also essential that RV owners carefully monitor the brakes themselves. Regular maintenance and checks, for example, should be scheduled according to manufacturer recommendations.
For instance, brake drum surfaces must be inspected for excessive wear or heavy scoring. Wear marks that are worn more than 0.020 inches should be turned. In addition, if the drum has worn out of round by more than 0.015 inches, that drum surface should be turned as well.
Weight Distribution Systems
These are recommended if a trailer weight is more than 50% of the weight of the towing vehicle. As it names suggests, these systems allow for drivers to make sure that the weight in the recreational vehicle is not all on one side or the other. These weight distribution hitches will have two separate weight ratings. The first one will be the gross trailer weight; the second will be the tongue weight.
Used in conjunction with electronic sway controls, weight distribution systems can help RV enthusiasts improve the safety of their travels, whether they be to a close by RV park or a long distance destination. Unfortunately, improperly distributed weight in a recreational vehicle that is more than 50% of the pulling vehicle can lead to accidents.
Make Your Family RV Vacation a Safe One
With a combination of electronic sway and brake controllers and weight distribution systems, vacationing families can have the safest of trips. More than 11% of American households that are headed by 35-year olds to 54-year olds own an RV. This younger group of RV owners is more than the 9.3% ownership rates of those who are 55-year old and over. As this method of travel continues to grow in popularity, RV travel allows families to select their destinations and travel times without having to book expensive hotel rooms and eat at expensive restaurants. As families across America attempt to squeeze in one more vacation before the return to school schedules that are less flexible, RV travel often provides the flexibility that these families are looking for.
Whether you are planning a trip to a nearby state park or a grand adventure hundreds of miles away, safety matters!

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