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There is nothing quite like a camping vacation. Heading out on to the road in your camper van, the miles stretching before you and nothing but lazy days spent fishing or hiking to look forward to. In fact, camping is so popular in America that — whether campers use a tent at a campground, an RV or just camp out in the backyard — it brings in over $5 billion per year for campgrounds and RV parks. Camping enthusiasts spent over $1.5 billion in 2014, mostly on camping equipment such as back packs and sleeping bags.

Not only is camping a popular and enjoyable family vacation, it can also save you money. An RV vacation for a family of four can cost you 23% to 59% less than other vacation types, according to a recent survey. Although the cost savings are attractive, they are not the primary reason that enthusiasts opt for camping holidays. Most (almost 65%) loved the fact that camping meant they can get away more often, while close to 45% said that they go on RV journeys to escape stress. A further 42% cited the cost savings as a motivating factor, and 38% liked being able to get away from it all without the need for advanced planning, according to the latest ?Campfire Canvass? biannual survey.

Whether your camping vehicle of choice is a folding camper trailer, a used camper, or a sparkling new RV, camping holidays offer a wealth of activities for you to do. New pontoon boats can get you out on the lake or river, while fishing is always a popular option for those who love the great outdoors. Motorhomes and towables, which are camping installations that are towed behind a family car, are the two main categories of RV for camping. Both are popular and have their pros and cons. Younger generations, in the 35 to 54 year old age group, are increasingly opting for RVs, with the latest figures placing the percentage of households in this age group with RVs at 11%, higher than those if the 55 and older age group. Most camping holidays, regardless of whether the stay is in an RV, a tent, a yurt or bivy, last just over two weeks (14.9 days).

It is important to assess the state of your camper van before setting off on a journey. The local camper parts store can help you ensure that your vehicle is in tip top shape and raring to go for your big adventure. Camper parts stores stock everything from waste tanks to on-board appliances. Many camper parts stores also stock camper accessories to make your camping experience easier and more pleasurable.

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