From combines to tractors, farm machines are valuable and require quality tires to complete their work properly. Luckily, the need to find a quality tire does not mean that it has to be brand new. So, used tractor tires and used combine tires hold a great value of their own.

The Farm Industry

To start with, we have over three million farms across the United States. Additionally, they are typically run by individuals or families, so maintaining a certain value in their budget is essential. Therefore, many used farm machines or parts are helpful, including the tires for the tractors and combines they use on a daily basis. In addition to the millions of tractors and other machines sold to farmers in the U.S., the farming industry generates about $535 million of used tires sales nationwide as of 2017.

Used Tires for Farmers

Even more than the tractors that are used most often, there are used combine tires and many others that farmers need in their daily schedules. Whether they are new or used, there are many different types of tires that are needed on the farm, and it is helpful to have replacement tires available in the barn, kind of like your spare tire in the trunk of your car. Some of the different tires that farmers like to keep for replacement include:

  • Skid steer tires
  • Super single tires
  • Front tractor tires and wheels
  • Rear tractor wheels and tires
  • Deep tread tractor tires

    All of these tires and wheels, used and new, help to keep the farming industry running on a consistent basis. Even when there is the potential need for used tractor tires for your home tractor that keeps your lawn mowed, the used combine tires that farm all the vegetables and other land for the nation are essential as well. Considering used tires it helps to remember that finding a replacement tire may not be that easy when an issue occurs and that tire needs changed. Having all your potential backups available is a good idea, even if they are used tires that will just be an immediate help to make sure that work is completed for a day.

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