Car dealership specials

The recent evolution of the Nissan auto line is gaining much popularity for their impressive new designs and features. Their newer models are becoming more and more luxurious, with better performance, while still featuring the great durability of Nissan Motors, and providing some of the cheapest new car financing rates. Not only are the new features of Nissan vehicles impressive, but the Nissan cars trade in value is incredibly high compared to other vehicles. This is due to the durability of Nissan vehicles, which makes purchasing a Nissan a smart buy, despite them being some of the cheapest new cars on the market. Besides the previous factors, Nissan manufactured cars are innovative, have iconic designs, and are just plain fun to drive!

As of 2006, Nissan motors has been one of the most popular automakers in the world. Some of the most popular Nissan new car sales have been with the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan Leaf is a compact car that is 100% electric, needing no fuel to run. The Nissan Leaf has some really cool features, such as a cell phone app that allows the owner to pre-heat or pre-cool the interior climate, or stop and start a charge with the touch of a button. The leaf still exemplifies Nissan’s core values, such as quality and safety, while being environmentally friendly. Bill Krueger, Nissan’s senior VP of purchasing, manufacturing, and production engineering claims “Since becoming an ENERGY STAR partner in 2006, we have saved more than 800 billion BTUs of the energy used to assemble vehicles. That’s enough energy to power the all-electric Nissan LEAF for more than 750 million miles.”

In addition, The Nissan VQ engines, of V6 engine configurations, have been featured among Ward’s Top 10 Best-Engines for 14 straight years. With the 2014 Nissan models set to hit the market soon, many car dealerships will feature special Nissan finance rates taking place this holiday season. Find out why so many car owners are choosing Nissan. Take advantage of these specials by getting a new or used Nissan. After all, when you’re ready to purchase another car, you can be assured that the Nissan cars trade in value will return a solid chunk of change back to you! Good references here.

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