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You’ve come a long way from Hot Wheels and drifting in the parking lot. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a little childish wonder to your next garage kit.

Being able to customize your car is a powerful skill indeed. You don’t have to remain limited by the standards manufacturers set, nor do you have to line up with what the weather has to offer. An engine that breaks down prematurely can be swapped with a new model and a set of wheels that doesn’t give you the right traction can be looked at. One way or another, your ambition will be your best tool in getting you the car you want. When you need a little extra help…

…the list below will detail the best car performance parts. Let’s see the true potential in your vehicle.

Did You Know?

Just how much do you know about your industry? China continues to lead the pack in terms of production, with a recent study determining the country is still in the top spot of car manufacturers worldwide. Back in 2017 nearly 80 million cars were sold around the world. Used cars, in particular, are becoming more popular for their middleground between affordable and effective. Whether your car is used or new, a little customization can help you enjoy the most out of your purchase.

The Rise Of Used Vehicles

It’s becoming less and less common to see brand new cars on the road. According to recent studies as many as 15 million vehicles in the United States today are at least 25 years old. That’s up from nine million in 2002, which should give you some idea as to what you’ll find in aftermarket parts. Over 80 million cars were expected to be produced once 2018 came to a close. The type of parts that’ll suit you best depend on your lifestyle and what kind of model you’re working with.

Stay Safe With A Cusco Roll Cage

Whether you want to get into racing or just want to be extra safe, a Cusco roll cage is where to go. This is a specialized type of protection that will keep a car in the best possible shape if it’s flipped over. Its state-of-the-art design encourages natural gravity to do the rest, reducing your chance of a serious injury (as well as reducing damage to the car). The global automotive aftermarket industry has seen quite a few Cusco roll cages sold, with its overall projections expected to hit $720 billion by 2020. For those that want to go inside the vehicle…

Beef Up Your Speed With A Fuel Surge Tank

…why not look into a fuel surge tank? Sometimes your engine is just fine, but you need that little extra something to bring out its best performance. Subaru upgrades can include the fuel surge tank, designed to reduce stress from your engine by making sure all working parts are getting the right amount of fuel. For those that want to make the Subaru WRX STI as fast as it can possibly be, a new turbo can go a long way to push it beyond 500 horsepower. As Subaru replacement parts show, it’s all in the details.

Double Check Your Wheels For The Full Package

Even the best engine and fuel surge tank will struggle if there are lackluster wheels. A strong set of wheels should be thick enough to stand the test of time, with powerful traction and a snug fit. Over 70 million vehicles were produced around the world in 2017 — vehicle negligence, however, is among the highest it’s ever been. Alongside taking your car to the shop twice a year for maintenance you should consider looking at your tires. This includes a new set of Cosmis wheels or simple tire rotation.

Cusco roll cage, Evo 9 parts…there’s a lot out there just waiting to bring out the best in your car.

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