Aftermarket radio installation

Did you just buy a new car stereo and have no clue where to begin on installation? If so, you are not alone. Installing a new car stereo can be quite a challenge if you are not experienced or tech savvy. The good news is there are online guides you can take advantage of that will help you install a car stereo like a professional. A car stereo fit guide may be in print format, complete with step by step instructions. If you find a car stereo fit guide in video format, you can watch someone walk you through the necessary steps on how to install a car stereo.

At first glance, a car stereo wiring harness can look confusing. For most of us, a car stereo wiring diagram looks like nothing more than spaghetti. However, a stereo wiring harness is actually not as complicated as you think. A car stereo fit guide will begin by explaining the purpose of each wire needed to install car stereo. First off, you will see a power wire, which connects directly to the battery. Secondly, you will find a ground wire that you will need to fasten somewhere on the metal of the vehicle. Most professional car stereo installers will connect a ground wire to the metal frame that holds a car stereo.

Next, you have a remote wire, which connects to your ignition system. The purpose of the remote wire is to power the stereo only when the vehicle’s ignition is on. You do not want your stereo on all night draining your battery while you are sound asleep. Finally, you have RCA jacks or other types of speaker wire connections that you will need to hook up. A car stereo fit guide will give you installation instructions on your particular stereo. In other words, no two guides are the same because there are a variety of car stereos on the market.

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