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It was not until your 84-year old dad offered to let your 19-year old daughter dive his truck that you realized how common trucks are in the parking lots and on the streets. From the parking lots at your husband’s work office to the high school parking lot where your younger daughter attends, pickup trucks are frequent.
And while it is a transition for her to adjust to after driving a small four door car, your daughter has enjoyed the higher and more open view of traffic. With a look out the back of truck window, the view of oncoming cars are she prepares to change lanes or back out of a parking spot is comforting. The fact that she and two of her friends are all able to sit in the front seat together is an added bonus.
The fact that trucks are incredibly popular, however, can mean that your vehicle looks like everyone else’s. And while it might be fun to match your teammates when you are on the court or one the field, driving the exact same pickup as a high percentage of drivers on the road can be discouraging. As a result, many truck owners make the decision to customize their vehicles.
Customizing Your Pickup Truck Adds Value, Personality, and Durability
Whether you are driving a brand new pick up that you picked out from the lot or you are driving a used pickup given to you by a grandfather, the decision to customize your vehicle is a great way to make it worth more money, as well as making it more attractive and long lasting.
Wire Tape
How many white pickup trucks do you see when you leave the shopping mall and step into the bright sunshine of the parking lot? If you are like most shoppers, whether you are leaving the grocery store or your favorite dress shop parking lots can be a maze of vehicles that all look the same. Applying wire tape or vinyl cut tape, however, can add a classic look of distinction to even the most mundane trucks.
For company vehicles, some truck owners even go with whole car vehicle wraps. From these complete covers to much smaller wire tape work, these additions can increase the individual nature of cars, trucks, and SUVs.
Spray Bedliner
One of the most popular custom options of a pickup is a bedliner application. Available in several options, this coating protects the original surface from rust, scratches, and other damage. These applications are available in a couple of different materials and processes. Spray on truck bedliners are available in two kinds of material which are applied in two different methods. One application process uses aromatic and aliphatic compounds which are applied through a non-heat low pressure process. A second method uses both a high pressure spray process and heat.
Spraying polyurethane serves two purposes. First, it adds years of service by preventing scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination from deteriorating standard OEM paint. Second, it can create a roughed up, anti-skid or anti-slip surface The price of the installation is not only determined by the material and application, it can also vary according to the size of the truck bed. While 8-foot bed length is standard, some models come in shorter 5.5-foot or 6.5-foot beds as well.
Tailgate Options
Although some truck owners are the youngest of drivers, other owners are much older. And whether tailgate options are selected for convenience, durability, or strength, many prefer to make their own selection. For some, a tailgate that has a retractable step ladder and handle for easy bed access is a worthwhile investment. For others, an attached left makes the loading and unloading of heavy equipment.
While some of these options are are available from the factory, others are only available as after market purchases. Obviously, for used pickups, all tailgate options are after market decisions. Concentrated research for the right products and the right deals mean that owners may be able to find affordable options for exactly what they want.
Deciding to add personal details like wire tape designs, bedliner coatings, and specialty tailgates mean every single truck does not have to look like the rest of the trucks filling the parking lot.
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