It is no secret that Americans love their cars and trucks. From getting vehicles detained to washing them on a regular basis, people like to keep their cars and trucks looking great. Whether the vehicles in question have Original Equipment Manufacturer (also called OEM materials) or something else, keeping your vehicle looking good on the inside is as important as on the outside. Here are some tips to help you do this:

  1. Get to coffee spills as soon as you can. This is a very common spill. Most people can relate to spilling it on their molded carpet, around their floor mats, and on auto carpets. The key to dealing with these spills, whether you are dealing with OEM materials or not, is to jumo on those spills as soon as you can. The first line of defense should be cool water. Take clean rags or paper towels and blot the spot. If you are not able to get to the area quickly, your second line of defense is glass cleaner. This may sound counterintuitive but it is great at getting rid of coffee. To make this work, you need to really soak the area and let it sit. This will work better even than carpet cleaners.
  2. Paint thinner is your friend if you have grease on your OEM material carpet. Take some cotton rags and run it in the paint thinner. Set that on your stain and let this sit for a bit. You should see that the cotton rag has sucked up the grease from the carpet. When this process is complete, get out a vaccuum and finish the job. If the stain is really bad, you can also cover it with corn meal and let that do the job of removing the grease. This will take some time and you should leave that on overnight. Vaccuum when you are done.
  3. Hairspray is great for ink removal. It is great on clothing and works just as well when that ink has gotten on nylon car carpet. The better part of this is that cheap hairspray works better than the expensive stuff. Really soak the area with the hairspray. Add some salt to the area and you can watch the ink go from the carpet or upholstery to the salt. Brush off the salt and keep going throughthe proccess until the stain is completely gone.
  4. Get rid of puke with water and baking soda. Whether th evomit is from kids, pets, or someone else, it is lways acidic. When you have to deal with this in your vehicle, the way to get rid of it is to use a mixture of these two substances.
  5. If someone bleeds all over the car, you need to use cold water and laundry starch. If you combine the two to make a paste, you can cover the stain and see some real results. Allow this to dry and then vaccum or sweep the mixture aware. It is very important to make sue you use cold water because hot water can only get that stain set in.
  6. If you have everyday stains of random origins, you can mid dish detergent, white vinegar, and water. This cocktail should be worked into the area with a stiff brush. Once you have the area you want to clean saturated, leave the area to sit for at least one half hour. You can dry the area further by blotting with rangs or towels.
  7. To keep your carpet and uphostry looking like OEM materials straight from the dealer, clean them. You probably vaccuum the carpets in your home, you can do a lot for the look of your car if you take the time to vaccuum your vehicle on a regular basis. This is one area where a little preventative work can go a long way.

Most people in the United States who own their own vehicle take a lot of pride in the way it looks. Keeping the interior clean can do a lot to make your car or truck look and feel its best. These tips and tricks can help you do just that.

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