Keep The Car On The Road

An auto mechanic shop is probably familiar to most Americans. The reasons to visit are also most likely a subject commonly discussed at the proverbial water cooler. Perhaps it has to do with air conditioning, tires for sale, or a simple tune up service. At some point a car owner is going to need someone.

Check Engine Light

Ten percent of drivers have a check engine light on at any time, but 50 percent of those drivers completely ignore it for three months or longer. A study at Indiana University estimated about 1.4 percent of all auto accidents are due to under-inflated tires. Mechanical failures are roughly responsible for around 12 or 13 percent of all auto accidents.

While not all issues are going to start with a check engine light there is a great deal of responsibility on the individual. Oil should be changed every 5,000 miles, four months, or according to manufacturer’s specifications. Tire rotation should be done about every 7,500 miles or as often as the manufacturer specifies. The Car Care Council says that timing belts typically need replacement between 60,000 and 90,000 miles.

How many people perfectly follow such guidelines though? The ones that follow those guidelines most closely probably have an active relationship with their local auto shop. Air conditioning, brakes, and oil change are definitely areas all drivers are familiar with. In other words, the comfort, control, and blood of the beast are what folks concern themselves mostly with.

Car Repair Is More Than Belts And Hoses

The most important program that an owner can maintain beyond a relationship with a mechanic, is to be proactive in their vehicle. Staying on top of the maintenance of a vehicle is a sure fire way to expand on its lifetime. An investment of such magnitude should never be neglected or a thing of value is wasted.

Approximately 50 percent of all premature car battery failures are from loss of water due to lack of maintenance, evaporation from under hood heat, or overcharging. Taking all of these pieces individually should provide a picture of a typical personal vehicle. However, these are all also normal wear and tear issues of said vehicle.

If a thing of quality is obtained and maintained it will last exponentially longer than a neglected masterpiece. In order to reduce the risk of costly repairs having an active maintenance program gives the most bang for a buck. It is almost always more likely to be more cost efficient to maintain a level of care than plan to fully replace.


The Benefits of Diesel Performance Parts

If you are the owner of a diesel truck then you may want to consider looking into upgrading it with performance parts that help to boost performance and give you better fuel economy. Diesel upgrades can take your truck to the next level and make it a more enjoyable and economic ride. Below we will take a look at how affordable aftermarket performance parts can upgrade your truck.

Better Fuel Economy

One of the benefits of boosting your engine’s performance is better fuel economy. Your engine’s ability to generate more power with more ease means that it doesn’t have to work as hard. This can help to improve your gas mileage. Upgrades that allow easier airflow for your truck and that give the engine a boost of power will contribute to this, which makes a cold air intake kit a great choice.

Better Sound Quality

If yo

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Car Customization Puts Power In Your Hands The Top Aftermarket Parts For Car Enthusiasts

You’ve come a long way from Hot Wheels and drifting in the parking lot. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a little childish wonder to your next garage kit.

Being able to customize your car is a powerful skill indeed. You don’t have to remain limited by the standards manufacturers set, nor do you have to line up with what the weather has to offer. An engine that breaks down prematurely can be swapped with a new model and a set of wheels that doesn’t give you the right traction can be looked at. One way or another, your ambition will be your best tool in getting you the car you want. When you need a little extra help…

…the list below will detail the best car performance parts. Let’s see the true potential in your vehicle.

Did You Know?

Just how much do you know about your industry? China continues to lead the pack in terms of production, with a recent study determining the country is still in the top spot of car manufacturers worldw

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Stocking Auto Carpets and Trunk Mats in Your Auto Parts Store

Running or managing an auto parts store is by no means an easy task. You would have to keep in mind the varying needs of all your customers and stock the right range of products for you to be able to meet those needs. Being able to stock the right products can mean the difference between happy customers and customers who would have to go back from your store without getting what they need. For this reason, you need to provide your customers with different kinds of products that can be used inside their vehicles to achieve certain goals.

One of the areas where auto parts stores provide vehicle owners with a very important function is when it comes to car flooring. Car carpets and trunk mats can be found in all vehicles and this is usually the one part of the card that gets frequently damaged or dirty. Getting new flooring for a vehicle or replacement carpets for the footwells can be one of the most common things that car owners can look for. With rubber floor mats and different ki

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